Rethinking HTML as a Kinetic Medium

User-generated Motion Propels Engagement

Every day, users scroll through skyscrapers worth of content on platforms like Instagram, with little happening beyond the vertical movement of text and images. By harnessing the simple up-and-down finger motion, web designers can introduce scroll-triggered animations, enhancing user engagement. This approach transforms passive scrolling into an interactive experience, adding dynamism and immersiveness to an otherwise mundane scrolling action. As user-generated content continues to dominate the media, these enhancements promise to make browsing much more captivating.

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From Logo to App & Back

How to Make Your Identity Work Across Mediums

Much like "Breaking Bad" surprised you with an ending of each season and the realization that the whole show was written out before they started filming, you can strategically plan your brand narrative and touchpoints. This foresight allows you to build anticipation and deliver surprising, yet coherent, brand moments that captivate your audience. By envisioning the entire brand experience from the outset, you can create a storyline that unfolds in a compelling way, keeping your audience engaged and invested in your brand, much like the meticulous plotting and unexpected twists of a well-crafted television series.

Ongoing Work


Perhaps the most utilitarian interface I've ever designed, Spaces is an answer to the "2D thinking" plaguing today's 3D/VR/AR interfaces. Just as windows (with a small 'w') are a solution for 2D screens, Spaces serves as an intuitive and logical interface for 3-dimensional environments (though it also functions on regular flat screens). It's a universal sorting, retrieval, and navigation mechanism for a truly spatial OS.


Currently in development, this lightweight JS plugin allows the creation of small looping sprites activated by scrolling. Prep up your image sequence, mark up elements with a speed attribute, and enjoy an instant animation that only occurs on scroll.


Hi, my name is Vas Sloutchevsky, and I am a New York City-based designer and technologist. For much of my career, I have devoted myself to designing user interfaces. You might remember me for my early work at Firstborn, including Flash sites for Madonna, Victoria's Secret, and Yigal Azrouel.

Drop me a line if you find this site in any way useful, I'd love to hear from you! sloutchevsky@gmail.com

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